Install Zabbix Server 5.0 LTS on CentOS 8.

Zabbix Server depends on the following software applications: MySQL database serverApache web serverPHP with required extensionsFor this installation I used this image CentOS-8.2.2004-x86_64-minimal If you’re not a fan of SELinux, I recommend to you set it in Permissive mode. setenforce 0 && sed -i 's/^SELINUX=.*/SELINUX=permissive/g' /etc/selinux/config Install and configure Zabbix server for your platform a. … Continue reading Install Zabbix Server 5.0 LTS on CentOS 8.

AWS S3 Bucket – Secure File Sharing

In this blog post, we will create s3 bucket with a policy that only allow us to connect to a specific folder in the bucket and from specific ip. The Main Advantages of this service: Unlimited storageLow CostAbility to transfer data to Cold/Archive StorageLimit Access by IP and FolderHave backup/redundancyCan be created in any region. Disadvantages Hard … Continue reading AWS S3 Bucket – Secure File Sharing

All That you need to know about Docker Volumes.*y6CvfE6WUgoIdT8Mp0Ev_g.png Bind Volumes: How Map folders in your Docker host to your container First lets create folder in our docker host root@master:~# mkdir mysql root@master:~# ls index.html mysql snap Map the new folder to the folder in the container root@master:~# docker run -d -v /mnt/mysql:/var/lib/mysql --name some-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw mysql Now, Lets enter to the … Continue reading All That you need to know about Docker Volumes.

Change Docker Root Directory location.

In this post i am going to show you how to find the Docker Root Directory and how to change the location so that docker can save the files in some other location (For Backup or High Availability). This is the commands to find and verify the Docker Root Folder. root@master:~# docker info | grep … Continue reading Change Docker Root Directory location.

Setup Snipe-IT on Ubuntu.

Installation Details Infrastructure: AWSAMI ID: RHEL-8.2.0_HVM-20200423-x86_64-0-Hourly2-GP2 (ami-07dfba995513840b5)Instance type : t2.mediumInstance Hardware: 2vcpu , 4G Memory. What is it Snipe-IT Snipe-IT was made for IT asset management, to enable IT departments to track who has which laptop, when it was purchased, which software licenses and accessories are available, and so on. Lets Start: Update Ubuntu: sudo … Continue reading Setup Snipe-IT on Ubuntu.

[Gsuite]Deploy Google MDM (Windows device management)

Overview: Enhanced desktop security for Windows As an administrator, you can set up company-owned and personal Microsoft Windows devices to use Google’s single-sign on (SSO) access security, push Windows settings, and wipe device data remotely. Enhanced desktop security for Windows has two complementary features that can be set up together or individually: Google Credential Provider … Continue reading [Gsuite]Deploy Google MDM (Windows device management)