Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (VDI) Preview

Windows Virtual Desktop (VDI) updates [roadmap: 27027]

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD; public preview) is a cloud Desktop-As-a-Service platform service offering on top of the Microsoft Azure. You get infrastructure service benefits such as brokering, web access, load-balancing, management and monitoring. It also gives you access to the new Windows 10 Multi-User (EVD) Operating System – optimized for the sake of Office 365 ProPlus services, such as Outlook, OneDrive (Files On-Demand and per machine install), Microsoft Teams and more.


Windows Virtual Desktop, running Windows 10 multi-session with Office 365 and the full-featured OneDrive sync client, shown here on macOS.

With OneDrive Files On-Demand plus WVD, you minimize the User Profile Disk (UPD) storage needs (avoiding duplication of content). And with Microsoft’s recent FSLogix acquisition, the integrated technology enables sync to run seamlessly in this virtual environment. The WVD service is currently in public preview with OneDrive Files On-Demand, along with Known Folder Move, provides a scalable environment for your Virtual Desktop users.

Author: Meni T.

IT Infrastructure Manager

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