How to fix Outlook for android shared calender’s only show free/busy information.

The new “Add Shared Calendar Feature” would be great when it showed up Details of Appointments. in this quick guide i will show you how to do it using the power of PowerShell.

First thing we need to do is to connect to the Exchange Online using PowerShell

After we connect successfully we need to check what permission assigned in the “Access Rights”. the default is “Availability only” to check that, we can use this command:

After we verify that the Default “AvailabilityOnly” is configured, we need to change it to “Limited Details”. To do that we need to use this command:

And That’s It!

It will take between 5 to 10 min until changes will take effect and you could see the meeting details in the outlook application.

It’s also recommended to Remove and add the shared Calendar again.

Outlook Crash and Add-in Problem in Outlook 2016

Over the last week, five staff in our office have started to have random crashes of Outlook 2016. The issue is not reproducible at will and in each case, Outlook restarts and opens an error dialogue banner stating that add-ins have caused Outlook to start slowly or crash.

I start to troubleshoot and i found out that in workstations without Forcepoint Client installed that not having this issue.

So the first thing i did i add the application to the bypass endpoint policy in the force-point admin portal.

And then i checked with forcepoint and find out they release a new endpoint client that resolve this issue.

After deploying the new endpoint using GPO the problem has resolved.

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (VDI) Preview

Windows Virtual Desktop (VDI) updates [roadmap: 27027]

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD; public preview) is a cloud Desktop-As-a-Service platform service offering on top of the Microsoft Azure. You get infrastructure service benefits such as brokering, web access, load-balancing, management and monitoring. It also gives you access to the new Windows 10 Multi-User (EVD) Operating System – optimized for the sake of Office 365 ProPlus services, such as Outlook, OneDrive (Files On-Demand and per machine install), Microsoft Teams and more.


Windows Virtual Desktop, running Windows 10 multi-session with Office 365 and the full-featured OneDrive sync client, shown here on macOS.

With OneDrive Files On-Demand plus WVD, you minimize the User Profile Disk (UPD) storage needs (avoiding duplication of content). And with Microsoft’s recent FSLogix acquisition, the integrated technology enables sync to run seamlessly in this virtual environment. The WVD service is currently in public preview with OneDrive Files On-Demand, along with Known Folder Move, provides a scalable environment for your Virtual Desktop users.

OneDrive Password protected Anyone sharing links

OneDrive is the files app for Microsoft 365, and it is a powerful sharing tool, too. Sharing can be managed and customized by broad or granular policies.

Microsoft happy to announce that they have now added the ability to set custom passwords while sharing a file or folder with anyone links to their colleagues within or outside their organization. You can share the password separately with your intended recipients and they will be required to enter the password in order to access the shared content. If they accidentally forward or re-share the shared link, anyone without the password will not be able to gain access.

Pswd protected links.PNG

Create and add Room-List in Outlook!

  1. First you need to connect to exchange online using powershell:

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

Import-PSSession $Session

2. To create a roomlist enter the below command:

New-DistributionGroup -Name “New RoomList” -Roomlist

3. To add A room to the “New RoomList” use this command:

Add-DistributionGroupMember “New RoomList” -Member Singapore

4. To verify that the room is added you use this:

Get-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “New RoomList

Name RecipientType

—- ————-

Hong Kong UserMailbox

Barcelona UserMailbox

Vina UserMailbox

Sydney UserMailbox

Rio De Janerio UserMailbox

Shanghai meetingroom UserMailbox

Rav Magen Meeting Room UserMailbox

Atlanta UserMailbox

Singapore UserMailbox

5. Just Reopen the outlook for the changes to take effect and see the room list that you created.

Free TCP Analysis Poster

This 18″x24″ color poster (see below) depicts the fields of the TCP header and includes details on:

– TCP options

– Relative Sequence Numbering in Wireshark

– TCP Flag settings (including Nonce, CWR, and ECE)

– Hot Wireshark filters for TCP analysis

– SYN, SYN/ACK, and ACK header structures

– Retransmissions vs. Out-of-Order designations in Wireshark

– Window Scaling functionality

– Header padding requirements

– Sequence and Acknowledgment function

– Selective Acknowledgment function

– Initial Round Trip Time (iRTT) measurement in Wireshark

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