Create ZVOL in Nexenta and map it to Veeam.

1. First, we need to create Zvol

After the creation, it will add new zvol.

2. Now we will map the created Zvol to veeam. Press on create.

  • In the dropdown choose the new zvol that we just created.

Note: If you can see the new zvol just sign out and sign in.

You will see that we add a new LUN map.

So, after we created “ZVOL” and mapped it to veeam.

3.We need to login to the veeam server and go to Computer Management à Diskmanagment ànd Rescan Disks.

You will see new disk.

Right click on the Unknown disk, Click online and than initialize Disk.

Choose GPT.

Now We will create Volume, Right click on the Unalocated and choose New.

Click Next Next choose drive Letter.

Give “Allocation Unit size” of 64K and give new Volume Lable.

Click NeXT AND Finish. And you will see New drive created.

4.The final step is to create new Repository in Veeam.

After you click on finish, it will create new repository.

And now you can create backup job on Veeam to this location.

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