SSH Key-Pairs.

Remotely Connect to Linux Servers with SSH key-pairs SSH: Authentication with Key-pairs On your client machine: Create ssh key pair by using the command ssh-keygenIt will create 2 files (Private key and Public key) in the .ssh folder. [menit@fedora .ssh]$ ls id_rsa It is recommended that you will use a passphrase to encrypt your … Continue reading SSH Key-Pairs.

Setup Jenkins(SSL) Using Docker & Nginx

Install Docker Engine | Install Docker Compose Login to your Linux Server. Create this directories. mkdir ~/jenkins mkdir ~/certs mkdir ~/nginx/conf.d Inside your nginx/conf.d/ directory create the jenkins.conf file: ubuntu@IT-Jenkins:~/nginx/conf.d$ touch jenkins.conf Copy this code to the jenkins.conf file: server { listen 80; server_name <>; location / { proxy_pass <http://jenkins:8080&gt;; } } Create Working Directory … Continue reading Setup Jenkins(SSL) Using Docker & Nginx

Join Linux CENTOS-7 to Microsoft Active Directory Domain.

First lets check our network interfaces by using this command: [root@cetnos /]# ip addr We can see that we get IP address on interface ens33 So lets change this from DHCP to static IP and add the DNS servers, we do it by changing the interface config file. [root@cetnos /]# vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33 Please add … Continue reading Join Linux CENTOS-7 to Microsoft Active Directory Domain.