Change Docker Root Directory location.

In this post i am going to show you how to find the Docker Root Directory and how to change the location so that docker can save the files in some other location (For Backup or High Availability). This is the commands to find and verify the Docker Root Folder. root@master:~# docker info | grep … Continue reading Change Docker Root Directory location.

[AWS] Deploy Ansible for linux and Windows Domain Joined

Installation Details Infrastructure: AWSAMI ID: RHEL-8.2.0_HVM-20200423-x86_64-0-Hourly2-GP2 (ami-07dfba995513840b5)Instance type : t2.mediumInstance Hardware: 2vcpu , 4G Memory. Before we start Install Vim: sudo yum install vim Update Packages sudo yum update Prepare For Installation Change the Hostname: sudo vim /etc/hostname Add DNS in hosts file. sudo vim /etc/hosts Install epel Repo: yum -y install [<>%5D(<;) Install Ansible: … Continue reading [AWS] Deploy Ansible for linux and Windows Domain Joined

Setup Jenkins(SSL) Using Docker & Nginx

Install Docker Engine | Install Docker Compose Login to your Linux Server. Create this directories. mkdir ~/jenkins mkdir ~/certs mkdir ~/nginx/conf.d Inside your nginx/conf.d/ directory create the jenkins.conf file: ubuntu@IT-Jenkins:~/nginx/conf.d$ touch jenkins.conf Copy this code to the jenkins.conf file: server { listen 80; server_name <>; location / { proxy_pass <http://jenkins:8080&gt;; } } Create Working Directory … Continue reading Setup Jenkins(SSL) Using Docker & Nginx