Enable high-performance GPU in Win10.

This feature was recently added to Windows 10 v1803. It lets you control what GPU is used by an application. Using this feature, we will set high-performance GPU for Microsoft Edge. Step 1: Open Settings. Navigate to System, then Display. Step 2: Scroll down and click on¬†Graphics¬†Settings. Step 3: Now you need to choose an application to set … Continue reading Enable high-performance GPU in Win10.

Maximize Google Chrome GPU Performance on Windows 10.

There are several optimizations that make Google Chrome run buttery smooth under Windows 10. chrome://flags Settings Open a new tab in Google Chrome and type "chrome://flags" in the URL bar. Then search for each of these flags and make the following changes: GPU Rasterization: Force-enabled for all layersThis setting will force Google Chrome to always use … Continue reading Maximize Google Chrome GPU Performance on Windows 10.